Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Age Seminar - Charlotte, NC

August 22nd and 23rd in Charlotte, NC

Having a New Age blast off with psychic Kenya Lynem.

Topic "The Angels and Spirit Realm - Where is This?"

Subtopic 1: "Getting Myself Into My Heartspace"
Subtopic 2: "Laughter is Catchy. Fairy Play"
Subtopic 2: "Getting Grounded Into Me"

Channel work and Mediumship included at the end of session
Day 1.
Psychic Game play: All included (mini read/analysis)

Day 2
Topic "Healing In The Heart"

Subtopic 1: "Sexual Tantra Experience - Am I There or not?"
Subtopic 2: "Sexual Course I"
Subtopic 2: "Sexual Healing Course II"

Questions (live coverage): Toward end of event
Book Signing
20 to 30 Vendors Available (food, new age, artists, etc)

$500 Price Includes:

- Free readings during event
- Grounding Work (extensive)
- Channel work (extensive to hear or witness) (deceased relatives for each guest)
- New Age information (Aura, chakras, holistic healing, World view info, spirit realm, channel work with the angels and guides
- Mystery guest band (announced after over 100 seats...trying to get "Phoenix" and oldies "Cameo" here)
- DJ Band (old school mix) & after event dance
- Ceremonial Drum Circle w/ Hookah raw smoke

(Needing about 20 to 30 vendors - primarily food and arts)

Fee is refundable only when the band has not committed. Will show a promo of commitment when they have been contracted out - So PLEASE get your tickets now and the band will show up!!
$5 non refundable fee goes toward coordinator work only. Includes gathering phone messages, exchange fees on paypal, etc. Includes vendor and event ticket.

Look for email (make sure not in SPAM folder) - online tickets will be emailed for purchases.