Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Age Ontario Canada

Got much going on right now. Where are you in the way of you?

Why are you so different?

Where are you in the world that is so angel and fairy?

I have a certain way to appeal to the masses - but not today!

What game playing is so far fetched to get into different episodes for now? Why are you so limited with your self is this mode of thinking right now? How have I been portraying this? In the play of the world to only work light out of this destinated way of dark angels. What angel doesn't respond to this image? Me.

What angel is known to go through the dark and uncover each particle right now - mine. What mine? The one that doesn't feel to appeal to the masses right now. This work is never a spirit dull moment and each aspect of working is replenished for now. Namaste