Friday, August 30, 2013

Seminars in the New Age Sector

The seminars that are featured are only to show the metaphysician a technique to go running with only for the summer and any other showing is just a way to deliver messages only.


The more the better is this gesture from our own shaman kitara. Where she delivers a message of I am doing more than I can handle right now on her own light-working missions. She is doing so much right now and doesn't have the energy to be involved with most workings that don't clue in to a way. Like this:

Why are you doing so much for yourself right now?

Can I do more for you right now?

Do you feel your clothes to be sticky or just subtle?

Do you understand that the material you wear are all made by a hand that cares - but maybe not.

I have something to do in this spectrum of living normally but not always. Like this - a time flow is here to recognize what I just did. He is not happy. When he is not happy (this being of ole), he recognizes that I am here to only do work spirit - and not so much a physical gesture of episodes that reflect walkings of love jones media.


Where you all have a dime or something, can you please provide a way for her to get the fuck up and go toward a store that will say, "I am here, what do you feel for right now?"

I can't say this any better than now, I am so walking out of this door - and don't give a fuck about your smell at all. Namaste

(Only an episode of runnings and callings)